Chaphur Rinpoche: Dzogchen-Erklärungen
Freitag, 22. Juni 2018, 18:00 - 19:00
Aufrufe : 1348
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Dzogchen-Retreat mit Chaphur Rinpoche

Kosten: ganzer Kurs 108,00€ /Mitglieder 90,00€
Freitag Abend: 15,00€ / Mitglieder 10,00€
Samstag oder Sonntag: 60,00€ / Mitglieder 50,00€

Dzogchen-Belehrungen aus "Die goldenen Anweisungen des Drenpa Namkha"
mit Chaphur Rinpoche

  • Freitag 22.06.18
    • 18.00 Uhr Dzogchen-Erklärungen

  • Samstag, 23.06.18
    • 10.00-17.00 Uhr Dzogchen-Übertragung, Erklärung und Meditation

  • Sonntag, 24.06.18
    • 10.00-17:00 Uhr fortführende Dzogchen-Übertragung, Erklärung und Meditation

Teaching Topic

Drenpa Namkha gave the first Dzogchen oral transmission of the instructions on the Golden Essence (Dzogchen Serdam) to his disciple Shensye Lhaje in the 8th century. Since that time it has been closely guarded as one of the most important Bön Dzogchen teachings, and has only been transmitted to a select group of practitioners.

The teaching gives clear instructions on how to conduct one’s life from the view of Dzogchen – a boundless mind which is clear, powerful and contains full enlightenment within its scope. As Drenpa Namkha said, “Whoever is connected with this instruction, having understood as consciousness the sound light and rays and realized the empty-essence of the nature of mind, may you be primordially awakened in space (dbyings) of the nature of Bon.”

We at Nakpa house feel most fortunate that Chaphur Rinpoche will impart these precious instructions, which are rarely taught in the west. It is our wish that the blessing inherent in receiving this teaching is open to all. Everyone is welcome to join us for this summer’s teaching and retreat

About Teacher

Chaphur Rinpoche is the founder and spiritual director of Gyalshen Institute and Chaphur Foundaton. and

Geshe Chaphur was born in  Amdo Ngaba in Eastern Tibet. As a young boy he was recognized as the reincarnation of a great master  Chaphur Phuntsok Wangyal Rinpoche by His Eminence Bon-Gya Rinpoche and other high lamas.  He received his Geshe degree in 2008 from Menri Monastery, the principal monastery for the Bön tradition, and the home of HH Menri Trizin, the head of the Bön sect and Menri Lopon Rinpoche. While a student he served as president of the Bon School of Dialectics. Geshe Chaphur has broad research interests, but he currently focuses on the poems and songs of realization of the masters of the Oral Tradition of Zhang Zhung.

Geshe la’s first book was a collection of his poetry in Tibetan entitled Waves of an Uncontrived Mind (ma bcos sems kyi rlabs zhags), published by Menri Monastery in 2001. His second book, also in Tibetan, was a historical study of Zhang Zhung and Yungdrung Bön in Tibet entitled Footsteps of Buddha Shenrab of Olmo Ling, published by Menri Monastery in 2007. He also contributed articles and served as an Associated Editor of “Bön-Go” (bon sgo), the first and most respected academic journal devoted to the study of Bön.

He has contributed a number of works of poetry and articles to various other popular Tibetan magazines. In 2003, his poetic efforts merited him the title of Artist of Tsampa Magazine (rtsam pa’i sgyu tsal ba), recognizing him as the second best writer in the Tsampa Association for poetry. Geshe Chaphur is the founder and Spiritual director of Gyalshen Institute in San Francisco Bay Area, the United State.

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